I found a flower in the dirt, stumbled upon really. A second look revealed to me that she was a rare beauty. She’d been wounded and bruised in ways I couldn’t imagine. One wonders if she could tell, for one could keep a secret.Beautiful-Daisy

Blessed with the innocence of a daisy, with bright radiant love at the centre for all around her.

You only have to see her smile to feel the warmth of the morning sun.

From a distance, I feel, I can only observe. Wishing I could sense you, in more ways than the one.

Hold on, I need, to focus. Can I smell you Daisy? What have you been on lately, I imagine a delicate fragrance would greet me as I breathe you in..

Can I touch you Daisy? I’m really not trying to be a perv, it’s for the feel of your gentle skin, my eyes caressing your curves. Let me, drown in the aura from embraces of you.

Can I hear you Daisy? Speak.

The sound would be a melody to ears that yearn for your deep.

Can I see you Daisy? Sitting across a table, you and I – a meal for two, deep conversation in tune. Literally, see you see me. Brown eyes that bat with lashes, eyelids closing like curtains. Bringing radiance to a room causing onlookers to swoon. I’ve been confused lately

Can I taste you Daisy? Both you and the words that roll off your tongue from full delicate lips that hide emotions

I can listen, Daisy, with both my ears and heart.

Your kind face masks a brain thinking of past pain. I can only hope that time will take it, and you’ll forget how the past has been so hurtful, only time will tell it.

I’m hoping that you will heal, truly making everything beautiful, just like you want to.

I found a Daisy, she was a flower in the dirt. I’m waiting for the rain to wash away all of her hurt. Bless her and heal her, deep within me I pray, so that one day, her depth is rooted in more love than pain.

I found a flower in the dirt, she was a bewitching beauty. I hope that time will tell, bloom Daisy.


Let There Be (Light)


I haven’t written in a while, to be honest. A friend once told me, writing is like using a muscle, if you don’t use it, it shrivels. Maybe it’s time I started to work out again, one would wonder why. To immortalise self, well at least that’s what I have learnt from the beautiful souls in my book club; (a book club I’m in). Also, take the time to appreciate the beautiful sunset in the valley that is my current village. (shameless plug!!)

Moving on, I met yet another beautiful soul, (the encounter of course a story for another day); who inspired and encouraged me to get back to writing. The Faith is strong with that one. So here goes, first is this blog post, and second is the following piece, that I do hope will outlive me and stand beyond any reasonable doubt as a testament to what I believe in regardless of the beautiful mess I am. Be encouraged.

Let there Be (Light)

If I could knit a scarf with these words

Intricately woven syllables, adjectives and verbs

To speak on praise, infinite wisdom and power beyond belief

Love beyond measure, Grace bringing relief;

I would still not have enough to describe the power of

Let there be..

Light! (pause) from darkness

waters from waters

The ones that we can and cannot touch

For the ones we touch give us life,

the ones that we cannot rain life upon us..

Giving life to the earth

Literal beauty from ashes..

No praise would amount to a pat on the back of a God

who split darkness and made it light

Nor for the countless messed up lives He makes right, day and night..

Creating time and the seasons

Amazing Constellations

Systems beautiful beyond our wildest imaginations

All in the power of His word; Let there Be!

If I could speak to the blind, I’d say Let them See

If I could pray for the deaf, I’d pray Let them Hear

If I could speak to the wicked I’d say let them fear

If ever to the world battered and broken, have no fear

& if your life’s empty, this God, Let there Be!!


Thank you


2017-Perpetual Motion Squad


Happy New Year everyone! I’m glad we all made it into a brand new year that’s just 10 days fresh! I’m sure most of us have a long list of resolutions to achieve the perfect us for the year! Just remember effective ambition must be measured which requires realistic goals. Be ambitious but don’t live in la-la land.

This whole resolution frenzy brought me to a thought I have been mauling over for some time now. Let me start with a brief back story. I was around town today when I remembered meeting one of my mother’s former workmates. I had last seen this man in 1994 when I was a lot younger. I met Mr X last year and he is still in the same job at the same firm. He has been doing the same job for +23 years! That just blew my mind and really got me thinking about Zambian…

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Deserving honourable mentions…


I have often encountered the phrase “there are no good men out there” and various cruder variations of it and after a few years of living and encountering the world, I have come to learn this to not be entirely true. I have met and had interactions with men of questionable character but today as I started my day I started to look to the men within my inner circle; My friends, brothers, uncles , grandfathers ,I realised that the world may not be bursting at the seams with good men but my life is densely populated with them. It is a shame that i had to experience the bad to really appreciate them for what they really are …GOOD MEN.

Let me give this context or just attempt to give it context lol. It is not unusual for me to encounter  men busy on their hustle to provide a better…

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Agroforestry.net free publications


The Overstory is a free e-mail journal for agroforesters, gardeners, researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts, focusing on design concepts for agricultural systems which integrate trees and other perennial plants.

47 species profiles of traditional and native trees of Pacific Islands covering botany, horticulture, and use in agroforestry systems.

A set of eight Agroforestry Guides that provide practical, user-friendly planning information for a variety of agroforestry practices in Pacific Islands. Written for landowners, farmers, and agricultural extension workers, each guide introduces key planning issues for the agroforestry practice covered. Useful species tables provide information on hundreds of Pacific Island species. Illustrations and extensive resource lists for further reading, including internet sources, support each guide.

Nitrogen Fixing Tree Start-up Guide This comprehensive 12-page guide introduces nitrogen fixing trees and their products and uses in tropical agroforestry. Extensive charts for species selection are included.

A Guide to Orchard Alley Cropping–for fertility, mulch and soil…

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Money on my mind!


Hello, all! it’s been a minute since I wrote something meaningful on here, so here goes…

Today , I was caught up doing all kinds of maths trying to stretch my money and figure out how to get to sustainable monthly expenditure while saving something for the future. Anyway, I did the maths and came to the conclusion that “I need more money”! lol! This is the brilliant conclusion that I reach every few months!!! The question is where will this money come from?

I have courted the idea of opening a fixed deposit account for a short period  so that the interest earned would cover my bank charges. The interest  would  probably cover my account monthly fees ,but also introduces the extra hassle of going to the bank to set up and cancel the arrangements. The thought itself is enough to drain me of my initial zeal but it still leaves…

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GIS and Planning, stop flirting start s***ging

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

How sad am I – news of the day proposed features of Arcgis 10.1, at least being able to distribute advanced spatial analysis models through the cloud- yeah.

Am I talking past you???

A couple of years ago I had some interns from Kingston University. Kingston is top dog for GIS in the uk, planning well – could do better.

(the land of their Coombe Hill campus btw is worth an absolute fortune – worlds worst place for a campus, very good for russian billionaires)

What struck me was the planning students did not know the first thing about GIS. ‘Not enough time’

The two schools talked entirely past each other.

Do planners in the uk not know about the fundamental advances of the Florida School.

The founder of GIS Jack Dangermount, as a young landscape architect, was inspired by the great Ian Mc Harg to create computer systems…

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