The title sounds like that of a horror movie, realistically it means depravity. That’s the way I see it. No one knows why people die, well not to contradict oneself- aging is the process of dying so it’s socially acceptable to see old people die- I mean, they’ve lived right? WRONG. It’s painful but we hope they were not in pain, miss their love, stories (if it’s grandparents), how they would spoil us at times and their gentle friendship. Some may be difficult, but we learn to love them.

Truth be told some grandparents are comedians and that’s the fun part. As a grandchild you may feel bad about a loss but your parents, they can be visibly traumatized. They lost a parent!! There are few things that match the love of a parent. Wether they be old or young, parents need be cherished, obeyed, respected and held in the nhighest esteem. Nobody is perfect, Lord knows that’s a fact, but still He said parents need be obeyed and for justice, he tells parents not to discourage their children but train them in the way they should go. (Proverbs 1:8-9, Collosians 3:21, Exodus 20)

I understood that before but really it sank in when I was at a borehole afew days ago, drawing water. (yes, a borehole-this is Africa)

I found this boy at the borehole with a wheel-barrow, clad with more buckets than it could carry and I watched him as he labored to tie with rubber strands, all those buckets onto said wheel-barrow. At his point of desperation, he sighed and said ”aahh!ubwana bwanshiwa busha” – orphanhood is slavery.

Walking away, I glanced back at him with my heart sinking within, in that instant I may have mumbled a few words to him but really my mind was wondering what sort of home he was going back to. It was about 1pm, lunch time,

was he being fed?

was he going to find anything left for him wherever he was going?

did he call it home, or was it one of may places he was tollerated because he could be used for odd jobs?

was he being verbally abused?

Surely such words could not leave the lips of a content child. To whoever reads this, anywhere you may be, if you have access to an orphan, treat them right. Mold them, for the burden of losing one’s parents in early childhood is almost unexplainable.


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