L.s.k city – Taking a piss

Sitting on a bus, I endure an 11 hour journey, not the worst ever by the way, I can’t complain. I find myself headed back to the city of my child hood, a welcome spectacle that allows me to leave the rural area I now call home for the country’s capital. I arrive at an ungodly hour, how else do you travel a thousand and one hundred kilometers except on a public bus with a driver high on red-bull and fast food – unhealthy much? Anyway, I say my prayers, thanking God for the safe journey and go to ‘bed’, well if sleeping on your hand luggage is ideal then kudos to you (uncomfortable shuffling).

I find a sweet-spot gradually and begin to fall asleep, half consumed by thoughts of things to come and the chatter of the drivers – two by the way, who had swapped like substitutes in a football match halfway through the journey šŸ™‚ Safety first. Big-ups to Power Tools for that one.

In the morning I set out to the rest-room, like any sane human being (which I am despite opposing views from those I shan’t name) only to find it costs TWICE as much to take a piss in the big city. (inter-city bus terminus). The Horror!!

Should I hold it or go behind the next building and do my body’s bidding and risk being arrested after meeting a cop as he takes his piss? One would think the toilets were made of marble and yet still, as I entered, for the fact I had loose change, they were regular.

So to the city with the back-alleys that have become a toilet, REDUCE THE COST OF A BASIC NEED. The last thing we want is another Tunduma situation. More on that Later..

Zambia railways, at the bridge.
Zambia railways, at the bridge.

2 thoughts on “L.s.k city – Taking a piss”

    1. I do hope people talk and act on it. Public places of ‘relief’ are supposed to be readily available and the factor of economies of scale need be attached to their running. Costs should not be restrictive.

      On the other side of the coin, the K2 price seems to be a standard now. Same at Kapiri-Mposhi and Mpika.

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