The 20 saddest photos of all time

All That I Love

What is the exact measure of what makes us human? What is the primary feeling that separates us from irrational beings? It is our unique ability of solidarity and indignation in the face of misery and pain of others? The pictures below were taken from research through compilation of reports and lists published by newspapers, magazines, websites specializing in photography, photojournalism and history.

The research aimed to identify what were the saddest photos of all time. Participated in the survey the publications: Life, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Telegraph, El Universal, The Pulitzer Prizes, Day Life, World’s Famous Photos, Digital History, Listverse, Newspapers Option, Al Fotto, National Geographic and World Press Photo. Obviously lists are always incomplete. It is known that, like the perception, the subjective – that was the basis of the research – is an individual thing.

However, the pictures selected, if not unanimity among journalists and photographers (and…

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