Where do the mature go to vent?
Can a man write his poetry without the world fashioning intent..
Much ado about nothing
No person as a subject
No malice intended, just a matter of discussion
With one’s own soul, mind versus heart, in the chamber of one’s intellect
Logic and reason, philosophy accusing the heart of contempt

If you could walk by a stranger who sought your attention, a beggar even, ignored..
Would it be any less painful to them as the feeling of a loved one ignored?
If I wrote about pain, do I have to be in pain?
If I wrote about love, does that mean I am in it?

Will you allow me random thoughts about the state of the world?
Do I need permission? Do you, when you read what another wrote?

Some things are deeply personal
To the grave will they go
Trust no one with a secret, let it burn a hole if it dares through your very soul
For the moment you reveal it, it is a secret no more
To the wind it may have been blown

“Take nothing personal.” You’re joking. Are you serious? Really, are you?
Ignoring acts that are perpetrated in ignorance is a gift we all require
Ignoring acts, acts intended to harm is a sign of an in-dwelling Messiah

You will learn from life, that some humans can be inhumane
Some persons can be impersonal
And worse still impersonate, others to whom they look..
Seeking to achieve the reality of others while hurting others yet still

So you will understand that like the secrets hidden from the hearts and minds of men
Some things must be hidden from men
Some things, I tell you; are too deeply personal

Part deux

If indeed a secret, one chose to reveal
Treat it with the patience and responsibility akin to a craftsman’s skill
Some seek only to be heard from the silence of their pain
But can’t trust a human, for the sake of their name
For if their shame were public, a death of character would they die
So that the latter state of mind is ruined, as if threading a pipe with no dye

Protect that which personal to you and to others
Because truly I tell you, some things are deeply personal


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